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Sweet Liquid Ss Build by Danial Lee.
Gain, Master Volume and Tone Controls.

Youtube Video

Very Nice Liquid Ss Stage II Build by John van Leeuwen.
Gain, Master Volume and Fender Tone Stack - 3 position switch for switching out the tone stack.
1444-10 Hammond enclosure in a Champ sized cab with an 8 ohm Jensen P8R speaker.

Awesome Liquid Ss Build by Andrew Jordan.
Just wanted to say what an awesome little amp Liquid SS turned out to be.
I swapped out the 12AT7 for an 12AX7 Sovtek, even unbiased it has great overdrive, the 12AX7 has a little too much with the gain on full but dialed back a little bit it's great, very velocity sensitive and the clean is quite nice, very warm.

Nice speaker cab built by Andrew Jordan Converted from an old blanket box to a 1x10 speaker cab running a GWS Veteran 10, Braced inside the box with Tassie Oak and left the original hinges of the blanket box on the back so I can use it as a slant cab, open back or closed back. Thanks for all your help and advice via email, very much appreciated and I would not have been able to do it with out your cool little amp kit and kind assistance. Cheers Andrew

Mark Priest built Dr good SIII , Two channels with a Matchless tone stack. Awesome

To be honest, the layout was more about aesthetics, so I turned the power transformer and lined up the tubes near the front of the chassis (ultimately I’d like to house the amp in a box). Since I took the pictures I added some LEDs for the power switch and a red/green channel indicator. I think the next step is to find an engraver to make a faceplate.