EVJ Handwired
Check mounting holes before installing components. Some turrets have a few components connected so it is easier in the end to tie the first components low on the turret.
To put less heat into the diodes and capacitors, solder the wiring and resistors in first and tin the bus wire.
1m resistor (R1) is soldered across the input jack, from the signal to ground.

The Signal is picked up at pin 1 on the preamp socket, across the coupling cap to the right hand pin on the volume pot (white wire).
Then from the centre pin on the volume pot(red wire) connects to pin7(control grid) on the preamp socket.
The left hand pin on the volume pot is connected to ground.

Connect up the seven wires from the transformers: Green Wire - Ground, Red Wires - High voltage Supply, Orange Wires - 6.3 volt heater Supply , Black & Yellow Wires - Output transformer,
Pull Down, R1 1M Metal Film
Grid Stopper, R2 39K Vishay Dale
Grid Stopper, R15 3.6K Carbon Comp
Grid Leak, R5 470K
Plate Load (2)110k Allen Bradley Carbon Comp
Dropper 560r 3 Watt Metal Film
Cathode 270r 2 watt Metal Oxide
Screen grid 1.5k 2 watt Metal Oxide
Cathode (2)2k Allen Bradley Carbon Comp
Bleeder 390k 2 watt
R12/R13 4.7k/10k 2 watt
R16/R17 100r 2 watt

Cathode Caps (2)1uf-3.3uf/50v
Power tube Cathode Cap 100uf/25v

Filter Caps (4)Elum 22uf/450v
Coupling Caps (2)Mallory 150 0.022uf (K40r PiO upgrade)
C11 .1uf MKT1813 Roederstein
Diodes (4)Ultra-Fast UF4008

Circuit Board
Tube Sockets x 2